Let us transport you to another world: Egypt, a vast desert cut through by a river valley along which almost all its population lives. It’s a land of enigmatic tombs, splendid temples, oblique hieroglyphs and glorious beaches, famous above everything for its gigantesque pyramids. Dwarfed in equal measure by its epic architecture and impressive history, you’ll be left enthralled.

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The Egyptians call their capital the Mother of the World. Cairo’s wealth of medieval Islamic architecture has earned it the epithet of City of A Thousand Minarets. Here you will find the Egyptian Museum, almost overflowing with its thousands of priceless antiquities, as well as many of King Tutankhamun’s treasures. The splendid Alabaster mosque was built by the founder of modern Egypt, Muhammad Ali Pasha, in memory of his son. And the Hanging Church of St Mary, Cairo’s most famous Coptic Christian church.


If travel broadens the mind, this experience will definitely expand it. No one is still quite sure how the ancient Egyptians constructed the architectural wonder that is the Great Pyramids. They were thought to have been built as tombs for the Pharaohs, and their shape, size, carving and meticulous geometry have led some to claim they were built by aliens or angels. Join us in Giza and when you stand in awe of the remaining one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, you’ll find it hard to put into words what you see.

Giza is also home to the Great Sphinx, the oldest known monumental sculpture. At nearly 74 metres long and more than 20 metres high, you’ll witness the world’s largest monolith statue. And we’ll also introduce you to the workers of a traditional Egyptian perfumery, for an insight into the uses of Egyptian plants to produce their fragrances.

Luxor & The River Nile

Prepare yourself for an extra-sensory experience. Home to both the Valley of the Kings and the ruins of the temple complex at Karnak, Luxor is sometimes referred to as the world’s greatest open air museum.

Karnak is the world’s largest ancient religious site and comprises a huge complex of sanctuaries, halls, columns and obelisks dedicated to the Theban gods. It covers more than two square kilometers; its Great Hypostyle Hall alone takes up a staggering 5,000 square meters. And the Temple of Arun is the largest religious edifice ever built. Join us and not only will you have the chance to experience all of this, but we'll introduce you to the Valley of the Kings, most famous for being the burial place of the boy king Tutankhamun.

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