Alaska – The Inside Passage

Cruising the Inside Passage

Sail narrow waterways flanked by towering canyon walls, explore the rugged beauty of the Alaska shoreline and delve deeper into the history of charming ports of call along the way. Enjoy sailings from convenient departure ports, such as Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles or Vancouver.

7 Nights - Roundtrip from Seattle

- Inside cabin from $1,098 per person (twin share)
- Balcony cabin from $1,838 per person (twin share)


Outdoor Adventures

Enjoy what is truly an outdoorsman's paradise, with activities you won't find anywhere else. Go for a ride in an off-road vehicle, kayaking, hiking, nature watching, flightseeing, ziplining and more.

Totem Bight State Park

Set amidst the peaceful forest, the park is home to 14 totem poles, each telling their own story, and a replica of a 19th-century clan house, offering a look into the Tlingit and Haida Native Alaskan cultures.

Saxman Native Village

Experience the rich living culture of the Tlingits as they welcome you to their village. Unravel totem pole mysteries, see carvers in action, shop for fine art and enter a clan house to watch Native dancers.

Alaska Rainforest Sanctuary

This 40-acre rainforest reserve is home to bald eagles, black bear, seals and a variety of birds, a live eagle display and a master Native totem pole carver at work.

Misty Fjords National Monument

Take in the dramatic beauty of a land slowly crafted by the hands of nature. It encompasses more than two million acres of sheer granite cliffs, 1,000-foot waterfalls, and crystalline lakes.

Great Alaskan Lumberjack Show

This celebration of a bygone era is a rip-roaring good time. World champion athletes compete in springboard chopping, buck sawing, axe throwing, log rolling and the thrilling 50-foot tree climb.

George Inlet Lodge

A former cannery bunkhouse built in the 1940s, this historic lodge was towed on a log raft over 70 miles to its current site on the shores of the spectacular George Inlet waterway 15 miles south of Ketchikan.

Creek Street

This historic boardwalk was a Red Light District during the Gold Rush. Now, it's a quaint place to tour Dolly's House museum, view totem poles, and shop at locally owned stores and galleries.

10 Nights - Roundtrip from San Francisco

- Inside cabin from $1,758 per person (twin share)
- Balcony cabin from $2,408 per person (twin share)


Mendenhall Glacier

This amazing glacier is 12 miles long, a half-mile wide and from 300 to 1,800 feet deep. Stretching from the Juneau Icefield to Mendenhall Lake, it has been slowly retreating since the mid 1700s.

Outdoor Adventures

Enjoy what is truly an outdoorsman's paradise, with activities you won't find anywhere else. Go for a ride on a dog sled, whale watching, hiking, nature watching, flightseeing, ziplining and more.

Whale Watching

You're virtually ensured a whale sighting from April to November when hundreds of humpbacks feed and frolic in the waters of the northern Inside Passage. Orcas are also common sightings in Juneau.

Glacier Flightseeing

Fly over the massive Juneau Icefield and get a front-row seat to awe-inspiring glaciers, spectacular icefalls and majestic rock formations - accessible only from the air.

Macaulay Salmon Hatchery

Discover the life cycle of the Pacific salmon species. Witness their amazing development from tiny fish (year round) to returning adult salmon fighting their way up a 450-ft fish ladder (late-June to October). Indoor aquarium displays showcase local marine life in a natural setting.

Glacier Gardens

This 50-acre garden features species native to this temperate rainforest. Guided tours provide insight into a self-sustaining ecosystem and lookout points on Thunder Mountain are spectacular.

Dog Sledding

Meet professional mushers and their amazing canine companions in an introduction to Alaska's state sport. Take a flight to a glacier to experience flying over the snow, or visit the summertime training grounds for a ride in a wheeled sled.

Mount Roberts Tramway

For a bird's-eye view, take a five-minute tram ride to the top of Mt. Roberts for a panoramic vantage point 1,800 feet above the city. Mountaintop attractions include trails, shops and nature displays.

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