More than a million people take an Alaskan cruise every year, making the US state one of the world’s most popular cruise destinations. It’s easy to see why. Virtually all cruises sail via the Inside Passage, the spectacular labyrinth of islands, inlets, fjords and mountains that starts north of Vancouver Island and runs to Juneau, the Alaskan state capital and beyond. With the scenery come countless opportunities for wildlife watching, a wide variety of outdoor activities and the chance to explore the cultures of the many indigenous people that still live within the wilderness known as Alaska.

When to go

The Alaska cruise season runs from May to September. The best time of year to cruise Alaska depends on what you’re hoping to see and do. We recommend visiting Alaska from late May through to early September for the fairest weather, with average temperatures between 15 and 26 degrees Celsius. The cruises selected for this Alaskan Collections depart during the more favourable summer months.


Of the few summer months in Alaska, June has the longest days, with summer solstice falling on the 21st June, brings wildflowers, lush green forest and mild temperatures to Southeast Alaska, making it a perfect time to explore. Summer solstice is an exciting time all over Alaska, so make plans to visit
a town or festival before, during or after your June cruise.


Sunny days and amazing wildlife activity make July cruises very special indeed. Many 1000’s of whales have made their return trip to Alaska from Hawaii by this time, providing a spectacle for passengers on cruise ships throughout July.


Alaska is alive with activity in August, and the warm, summer days of Southeast Alaska cause the landscape to move and change. It can rain more in August than in other months, but it is also beautiful. Experience the incredible force of calving glaciers and moving icebergs. And there is still plenty of daylight in
August to experience everything you wish to.


Peak tourist season is over by September, so Alaska will be quieter as everyone prepares for another long, white winter; including the wildlife and locals. Mountainsides turn beautiful shades of gold and yellow, and the mountains begin to collect snow on their peaks. As the nights grow darker and longer, there is every chance you will catch the awe-inspiring Aurora Borealis, Alaska’s northern deals, cheap flights, holiday packages, tours, travel insurance

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