About Cruising

Cruising can be the perfect solution for your next vacation, and it's no wonder why those who cruise come back with beaming smiles time and time again. The advantages of cruising are many. You get to cruise to multiple destinations and only have to unpack once, there are activities onboard and ashore for everyone and most cruises are family friendly.  Cruise ships can be like huge floating cities designed for ocean cruising, or small and intimate allowing you to get to places where others just can't go. There are many cruise vacation packages to choose from: exotic destinations, regions steeped in culture and history, remote wilderness areas or themed music cruises (just to name a few). No matter what your preference, there is a cruise for you. The best thing is that cruising is incredibly good value.

Choose Your Cruise with an Expert

When it comes to finding a travel professional you know you can rely on for expert advice, the best cruise deals, and most importantly - to expertly match you with the best cruise for you - then look no further than Southside World Travel. We provide a benchmark of excellence in professional knowledge on holidays afloat, offering unique and exclusive holidays to exotic and exciting ports of call.

As a member of Cruiseco, we have access to over 50 cruise lines worldwide, package holidays and hot deals. Live 'real time' availability is at our fingertips with many of our cruise partners, which means you can take advantage of regular offers and savings, or complete fly, cruise and stay packages to some of the most popular regions of the world.

Not only do our partners send us regular special offers, they also send us invitations to events and functions (including onboard ship visits and supplier presentations) and YOU ARE INVITED! But you will need to register to attend. The best way to receive an invite is to sign up for our newsletter, exclusive travel offers and hot deals by following the link below.

Why Us?

It takes a qualified and experienced travel consultant to make sure your holiday goes as smoothly as possible. Choosing the right airline, hotel, transfer, cruise, tour or travel insurance policy is based on years of experience and inside knowledge that just can't be found on the internet. As more people research their holidays online, even more people are turning to their own personal travel consultant to book their dream holiday than ever before.

Our reputation, and our business, depends on delivering premium outcomes with sensational customer service.

Contact us and let Southside World Travel create the best travel experience for you.


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